Host Unit

The Host Unit is the control unit attached to the overhead portion the forklift. It allows you turn the safety equipment on and off, set the alert range for the unit (up to 70ft), and adjust the volume of the horn blast.

Flashing Light / Audio Speaker Set

This set is also attached to the overhead portion of the forklift. The flashing light alerts the operator of the presence of a P-tag with a continuous flashing light. A horn blast comes from the Audio Speaker immediately, then continues with a blast approximately every 45 seconds thereafter.

Pedestrian Tag (P-tag)

The Pedestrian Tag is worn by each Pedestrian within the warehouse. It gives out an aggressive vibration to the pedestrian, alerting them they have entered the alert range, then continues approximately every 15 seconds thereafter.

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The i-Sense Pro is a dual alert proximity sensor system. This remarkable technology is the next step towards eliminating machine and pedestrian accidents. This easily-to-install safety device is the standout leader of any devices of its kind on the market today. With the i-Sense Pro, there will no longer be a pedestrian in a warehouse in danger of being struck by a forklift due to not being aware of its presence. With only three pieces of equipment working simultaneously, the number of forklift accidents will drastically decrease.

How It Works

A Host Unit and a Flashing Light/Audio speaker set are attached to the overhead section of the forklift. The Host Unit allows the forklift operator to 1) set the safety distance at which the operator and any pedestrian will be alerted to each other and 2) adjust the volume of the audio system. Each pedestrian is to be equipped with a P-tag while moving throughout the warehouse.

When a pedestrian enters the 360 degree alert range, the operator will receive a flashing light paired with an audio horn blast alerting them of that pedestrian. The flash will happen continuously until the pedestrian(s) are out of the alert range. The horn will remind the operator with a horn blast approximately every 45 seconds for the duration the pedestrian(s) is within the alert range. Meanwhile, each pedestrian equipped with a P-tag will receive an aggressive vibration from the P-tag alerting them that they have just entered the alert range of a forklift. This vibration will continue approximately every 15 seconds until the P-tag is once again outside of the alert range.